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Empty completely all the contents of the catalyst (B) onto the paste (A).


Special finishes: pour the additive onto the paste and mix slowly.


Mix using an electric drill equipped with mixing paddle. Scrape the walls of the bucket to eliminate all parts of non-catalysed product.


The joints must be dry. Introduce the mortar into the joints using the suitable green rubber float (art. 946GR) spreading diagonally across the joints. Remove the excess product.


The grout must be cleaned while the product is still wet.
Sprinkle clean water. Initial cleaning using a moistened white felt (art. 109/G) making circular movements.
Ensure no water enters the joints.


Now perform a second cleaning with a rigid cellulose sponge (art. 128/G).


Any stains of the transparent product can be removed after 24 hours or anyway after the gap has hardened.
Use LITONET (floors) or LITONET GEL (walls).
Spread Litonet or Litonet Gel with the white felt.


Leave on for 15-30 minutes. Scrub the surface with the white felt.


Rinse with clean water. Dry immediately with a clean cloth and do not wait for the evaporation of the rinse water.

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Advised tools

Art. 946GR

Green rigid rubber spatula for epoxy plastering

Art. 109/G

White felt
Dimensions: 12x25x2.5 cm

Art. 128/G

Sweepex sponge for epoxy plastering
Dimensions: 11.5x16x7 cm

Litonet/Litonet Gel

Alkaline-based liquid detergents to remove streak residues of epoxy mortar from all types of ceramic tiles, mosaics and natural stones.

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