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Creative Spatulas

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Painting by a famous artist with Starlike® Decor

Starlike® Decor experimentation in an artistic/pictorial context.

Location: Laboratory/Atelier Franco Ori - Strada Villanova, 860 - 41123 Modena - www.francori.it

Franco Ori
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Type of work
A new material (always a stimulation for experiments and ideas) that has initiated this multi-material work (fabric, rope, lace, mosaic, etc.) using Starlike® Decor as a colour as well as a glue on a canvas 70x120 cm.
The use of Starlike® Decor has enabled the assembly of different materials, which are otherwise difficult to glue, on the same canvas.

Implementation procedure
1) A first base of Starlike® Decor in Grey of approximately 2/3 mm on the canvas, where pieces of fabric, rope and lace were placed.
2) Starlike® Decor finished in Oriental Red, Lemon, Anthracite and Brilliant White used together to make the drawing.
3) Application of mosaic in certain places of the work.

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Creative spatulas is a space open to all Starlike applicators. Ideas can be found, advice can be offered to customers, always something new and why not do a little self-advertising too? Gaining access to this area is very simple. Write to us at spatolecreative@litokol.it and we will provide you with all the necessary information.