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Creative Spatulas

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Litolab & Makers

Creative workshop organised in collaboration with the Fablab of Reggio Emilia.

Location: Litokol Stand at Cersaie 2013

Applicators: 20 applicators, Italian and French experts and people who have tried Starlike Decor for the first time.

Type of work
Litolab & Makers turned Litokol's stand into a practical space where professional decorators and novices made panels with the Starlike Decor decorative levelling layer. They gave free rein to their creativity, thereby stimulating and involving those taking part in the event with their works.

Decoration method
Decorators have created panels with the decorative levelling layer Starlike Decor. They also used decorative masks, cut by the laser cutter brought by Fablab of Reggio Emilia, to create original decorations.

Materials used for levelling: Starlike Decor in colours Ardesia, Sabbia, Moka, Ciclamino, Mela, Artic Blue and various spatulas suitable for creating small decorations.

Get Involved

Creative spatulas is a space open to all Starlike applicators. Ideas can be found, advice can be offered to customers, always something new and why not do a little self-advertising too? Gaining access to this area is very simple. Write to us at spatolecreative@litokol.it and we will provide you with all the necessary information.